You want to party? WE’VE GOT YOU!

You’re a fun person. We can tell. Kinda Candid is the best place in College Station for birthdays, parties, events, team building, organization hang-out, etc. We GOT you. Doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager, college student, or an actual real-life adult – this place is meant to pull you into the fun.

Use our party room, eat some cake, and be remembered as the one who booked the most epic party. You’re welcome.

Host an event

Birthday Parties

$300 (up to 15)

Book Event
  • Party room holds about 15 humans
  • Our experience guides can help facilitate
  • Explore 14 interactive spaces for 90 minutes
  • Call for more details: (979) 595-6061

Private Events

Starts at $300 (call for details)

Book Event
  • Take over the entire space! Great for sorority parties
  • Use party room with MASSIVE table
  • Adjacent courtyard with tables available
  • Call for details: (979) 595-6061

To book your event call 979-595-6061 or email

Party room with GIANT table - seats 12 comfortably. Access to fridge for any food items.

Heck yeah.

No - but our experience guides can definitely help grab some photos. If you'd like to book a photographer for the event, we'd be happy to help. We have a list of great photographers available.

Absolutely. Call us and let's make it happen: 214-929-3429

We're not designed for kids under 12, though they are welcome with adult supervision. However, this is not a kid's playground.